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We offer a complete suite of solar quality assurance services:
-    Suppliers and products assessment
-    Pre-dispatch inspection
-    Post-dispatch inspection
-    Testing through our network of test lab partners, etc.

Our team of experts is also available for any technical advisory assistance you may need in the solar space. 


Suppliers and Products Assessment


Pre-dispatch Inspection


Post-dispatch Inspection


Technical Advisory



Procurement of solar components typically starts by a thorough quantitative assessment of both suppliers and products on the market.


On-site, evidence-based audits are the tools of choice to evaluate and benchmark the capability of suppliers and factories to deliver quality products:
-    Process Audits, 
-    Quality Management System Audits, 
-    Product Development Audits, etc.

STS also offers specialized audits, including: 
-    Supply chain audits, 
-    Environmental audits, 
-    Intellectual property audits, 
-    Innovation audits, etc.



The presence of qualified inspectors in the factory during production of your components is, by far, the most efficient and most cost-effective way to ensure quality of the components delivered on your project site. 

With a track record of more than 10 years of PV factory inspection, STS wrote and publish the first Industry Standard (STS-STD-PVM1©) for approval of PV modules manufacturing and dispatch. Today, this Standard is used by most of our clients. 

Following successful deployment of STS-STD-PVM1©, our clients receive a Certificate of Conformity that may be used to demonstrate to other stakeholders the level of quality deployed during manufacturing.

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STS offers inspection and test services directly on your project site to evaluate the state of health of your PV plant:

-    Assessment of transportation or installation damage,
-    Assessment of damage due to a weather event,
-    Warranty claims,
-    Full health assessment for technical due diligence, etc.



STS partners with carefully qualified ISO17025-accredited PV testing labs to provide a complete one-stop-shop experience. We assist our clients in establishing the most pertinent testing plan, identifying the relevant lab location to perform the test and follow up on testing execution and interpretation of the data. 

Data matters, especially when the test plan is well designed and the results are properly analyzed. 



Thanks to our continuous presence in the manufacturing factories, STS advisors are continuously updated about the latest trends, the new failures modes or the upcoming risks that a PV component buyer may encounter. 

We help establish quality management plans, support procurement contracting, support warranty claims, and carry out technical due diligence, on both operating assets and manufacturing assets.